14 Secrets to Win Singapore 4D Revealed!

Secret #1
Probability of any direct 4D combination is 23 / 10, 000 or 1 / 434

Secret #2
The actual median for 4D is 288 draws, or 2 years. You will have a 50%
strike rate when you buy 4D direct numbers within the last 2 years.

Secret #3
ABCD number make up of 24 different permutations. As such, the
median is 288/24 = 12 draws (1 month).

Secret #4
AABC number make up of 12 different permutations. As such, the
median is 288/12 = 24 draws (2 months).

Secret #5
AABC may have twice the payout of ABCD numbers, but ABCD have a
higher frequency of striking.

Secret #6
4D may be random but there is always a pattern and trend behind it at a
particular stage in time. In other words, it follows some loose
mathematical law.

Secret #7
Each person learning curve, risk appetite and perception is different.
You will have to find your own comfort zone in putting $$$ down on a

Secret #8
Be happy. Be positive in your outlook and thinking. Avoid anything
negative at all. Negative words, actions and even thinking will strongly
affect your chance of striking 4D. If that happens, any super duper
system isn‟t going to work.

Secret #9
A negative attitude and thinking will only breeds more its same kind (as
in positive attitude and thinking too). It is a vicious cycle that isn‟t going
to do no one any good at all. Don‟t get caught in it. When you are
unhappy, angry, worried or even sick, don‟t gamble.

Secret #10
We need patience and perseverance when the going is not that
smooth, the financial ability to weather through the inevitable bad-luck
stretch occasionally before we can see hits happening.

Secret #11
Law of probability dictates that selecting numbers from a higher
frequency is better than those in the lower percentile.

Secret #12
A win is a win. Whether it is a big win or small win, it is important to
keep the winning streak alive. Maintain the flow and it will be a matter of
time when the Big Win comes.

Secret #13
In any game of chances, there will be periods of „dry spells‟. It is that
unavoidable cycle that every 4d punter loath. The only thing you can do
is to scale down your bet during this period of time. There is nothing
you can do about it; got to bite the bullet when it comes.

Secret #14
Have certain guidelines in place for your 4d investment strategy. Scale
down your bet when the going is tough but when the hits start coming
back, then it is business as usual.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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